Welcome from Dr. Seung-Kyung Kim

Professor and Chair in the Department of Women's Studies

Chair, Seung-Kyung KimAs the new school year starts, the Department of Womenís Studies is excited to announce new additions to the department. We hope as students you are just as excited to welcome these changes.

Our first addition is that the LGBT Studies Program is now in its new home in the Department of Womenís Studies, in the College of Arts and Humanities. I want to acknowledge Dr. Marilee Lindemann for the work she did as director of the LGBT Studies program in establishing and growing it since its inception in 2002. The program would not be where it is today without her leadership. I hope that LGBT Studies can continue to thrive in its new home.

I also want to announce that Dr. JV Sapinoso has joined our staff, filling the position that was held for many years by Laura Nichols, and will be advising all WMST undergraduate students, which now includes WMST majors, WMST certificates, Black Womenís Studies Minors, LGBT certificates, and LGBT minors. You can find him in 2101T Woods Hall, email sapinoso@umd.edu, or call 301-405-6827.

Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that there is now a Director of Undergraduate Studies in WMST, and that Dr. Elsa Barkley Brown will be holding this position. As in other departments in ARHU and across campus, the Director of Undergraduate Studies oversees the departmentís undergraduate programs and works with the departmentís faculty. I look forward to creating new undergraduate opportunities at UMD.

Lastly, I would like to extend a big welcome to our new faculty. Our faculty search last year focused on LGBT/Queer Studies, and resulted in the hiring of two new Womenís Studies faculty. Dr. Alexis Lothian joins us this fall. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Southern California. (For more about her, visit her webpage.) Dr. Bobby Benedicto will join us starting Fall 2015. He earned his PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne.